Our people


Our engineers and managers deliver:

  • Breadth of knowledge of design and integration of systems across disciplines

  • Problem-solving skills and practical know-how

  • Depth of technical knowledge and understanding of the key current engineering aspects of our work and the standards and legislation that control them

  • Excellent awareness of system operational and maintenance requirements


Operations Director

A Communications, Electrical and Licensed Signalling Engineer with over 26 years of experience providing knowledge, skill and expertise acquired in, CAT 5 / 6 cabling, Fibre Optic splicing and testing, Commissioning SDH and DWDM multiplexers for broadband and commercial transmissions. Within the Railway environment he has been accountable for Costing, Programming and implementing of resource to complete Design, Correlation, Installation, Commissioning and Decommissioning works on a number of Signalling Upgrade Projects.

Previous notable project based achievements include:

  • Managing Fibre Optic and DWDM commissioning works on behalf of SKY, Vodafone and BT

  • Project managing the completion of Tag and Trace of Signalling, Electrical, Communications and Fire cables at Whitechapel Station as part of the Crossrail project

  • Producing a 345 page report along with Correct Side Door Enabling modification works

  • Train Describer commissioning and decommissioning works.

All of the works that he has project managed have been delivered on time and to budget. He also Project managed a 3 year project involving the delivery of Signalling Functionality to new Variable Electronic Information Displays on numerous SSL and Tube Lines stations.